reasons for personal loans

Finance home remodeling
A personal loan can be a “great option” to pay for home remodeling, says Kristin Shuff, group vice president of marketing at LightStream, an online lending division of SunTrust Bank in San Diego.
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Whether you want to put on a new roof, install solar panels, remodel your kitchen or add a swimming pool, hot tub, landscaping or hardscaping, a personal loan can help.
The best fit is for people who don’t have equity in their home or don’t want to get a home equity line of credit, or HELOC, Shuff says.
Eco Building Fund has been established since 2014. The Fund aims to subsidise retrofitting projects that make the buildings and nearby ancillary facilities more energy efficient buildings.
pay for a wedding
When you hear all these testimonials about wedding loans, what you’re really being sold is a personal loan. And, believe it or not, you may just want to take out a personal loan before you take your walk down the aisle.
A wedding loan can be used for big-ticket items like the venue and bride’s dress and smaller expenses like flowers, photography, cake and a wedding coordinator.
Tools such as KOL and WOM are also featured in the online public relations strategy for a improved publicity.
“It gives you the flexibility to pay for all those pieces whether you’ve contracted it through 1 place or put it together a la carte,” Shuff says.
Money for moving expenses
Local moves generally aren’t costly. But a major long-distance relocation, perhaps for a job opportunity, can be expensive enough to warrant a personal loan.
The funds can pay for moving household belongings, buying furniture for a new residence, transporting a car across the country and more.
Will be part of the groundbreaking Victoria Dockside development, the 3 million-square-foot and design district in Tsim Sha Tsui
One thing to consider before you apply for a personal loan to cover the move is whether your new income will enable you to pay off your balance. You don’t need the added stress of paying off your personal loan on top of starting a new career in a brand new location.


new tax cuts exceeded

Last year, new tax cuts exceeded $380 billion.
Our newspaper Beijing on March 30 (reporter Wu Qiu yu) 30, the state administration of taxation, held in Beijing "optimize the tax business environment, power quality and economic development" theme forums, invite business on behalf of the tax reform, conspiracy future tax power enterprise development policy, and thus opened the prelude to a national tax awareness month twenty-seven. Party secretary, director of the state administration of taxation, wang jun said at the meeting, the party since the 18th, the tax authorities insist on real implementation of the preferential tax policy, new tax cuts for 2017 alone more than 380 billion yuan. This year the government work report and the state council executive meeting on March 28, put forward a series of tax cuts down the negative measures, focusing on the real economy, advanced manufacturing and modern service industries, small micro enterprises, fair treatment, such as the VAT rate of 17% and 11% were lowered by 1%, is expected to the reform can achieve tax 240 billion yuan.
According to the introduction, the tax data reflects the steady state of economic stability in our country. VAT invoice data show, this year the economic development of our country got off to a good start, 1-2 months, with high technology and new kinetic energy equipment manufacturing industry sales growth of 12.3%, higher than 4.7% in December last year; The growth rate of the new kinetic energy service industry was 50.1%, up from 22.7 percentage points in December last year, which reflected the good momentum of the transformation of enterprises. The contribution of the private sector has been steadily improved, with the coordinated development of consumption, investment and export, and the release of economic vitality, momentum and potential. This is the result of the continuous improvement of supply-side structural reform, and the result of the efforts of enterprises to expand and contribute positively.
Symposium, China telecom, SOHO China, haier, hkust xunfei (002230), huajian, pig eight quit network, suitable abundant international holdings (002352), Melinda renewable energy, deloitte China, PWC companies such as head of tax reform, to carry out the preferential tax policies, puts forward the opinion suggestion to enhance the level of collection and management services. The general administration of taxation said that it would review one article, carefully study it and respond to it as soon as possible, and as a point of improvement in the tax work. People's Daily


Can crabs and tomatoes be poisoned

"A dish of crab, top table" in the folk proverbs, we can learn that crab is the taste of food. It is not only - the taste is crispy, but also nutritious, is a popular protein supplement. So what are the benefits of eating crabs? Can crabs and tomatoes be eaten together?
The benefits of eating crabs
A glass vape pen cartridge looks extremely fascinating! It has a metallic body, which looks better when a glass cartridge is added to the posterior part! These are similar in size to that of normal cigarettes. 1. Resist infection and promote wound healing
Crabs many protein is contained in and for the most part is given priority to with high quality protein, and these high quality protein also contains amino acids, can increase the lymphocyte immunity, promote wound healing, anti infection effect. After surgery or injured people can eat more crabs.
2. Detoxifying efficacy
Arginine can participate in the energy metabolism and detoxification work in vivo, and the right amount of crab can promote the energy balance of the body, which is good for the excretion of the toxin in the body. So constipation can eat more crab meat.
Eat crab must not excessive, because crab belongs to cold sex food, excessive consumption can affect intestines and stomach health, induce diarrhoea and so on symptom.
TNM prognostic value 3. Prevention of tumor
Crabmeat contains A lot of nutrients, with the highest levels of vitamin A and vitamin E. These two vitamins protect the mucosal epithelium, softening blood vessels and anti-aging.
The crab also contains a large amount of selenium, which contains up to 56.7 micrograms per 100 grams of crab. The food containing selenium can improve the immunity of human body, still can prevent tumour, anticancer effect.
Can crabs and tomatoes be poisoned?
Actually crab is very delicious seafood, whenever see a bright red crabs on the table, will not consciously drooling, crab is very popular, but it is rumoured crabs can't eat with tomatoes, or it will cause nausea and vomiting, and even the phenomenon of poisoning, although is only a rumor, but we will still taboo they eat together.
But the truth is that within the experts also not enough evidence to prove that the phenomenon of crabs and tomatoes will share poisoning, just to verify the only after eating a huge amount of crabs, and then eat food contains a lot of VC element is likely to cause the phenomenon of poisoning, but even so, but in the human body can not happen chemical reaction? Although crab is containing large amounts of arsenic in the body, can become the arsenic with VC, and we all know that arsenic is a kind of poison, so easy to think together eat crabs and tomato will be generated arsenic, actually this even the experts are not sure, so don't think too absolutely. Auriga have reduced rates, unlike unorganised sector. Since there is a single gateway and system is in tune, therefore no additional charges are levied.


My double life in a homeless

'My double life in a homeless hostel' Image caption Sarah sits at a windowsill to do her homework

Mary, and her nine-year-old daughter, Sarah, (not their real names) are homeless and have spent the past 13 months living in a single room in a hostel.
"Nobody knows how we are living," says Mary. "No-one knows we are in this situation."

Evolocumab vs ezetimibeThe answer may benefit patients with statin-related muscle pain and weakness. "They know we are in temporary accommodation, but they don't know we are living in a hostel - that we've got no space."
And there certainly is a lack of space. It is just about possible to walk around one side of the double bed.
There is a small table, but not enough room for mother and daughter to sit and eat a meal together.

Their belongings are piled up precariously in laundry-bag towers against the wall, and there is not a free surface in the room. Their stuff is everywhere.
Sarah has to sit cross-legged on the bed and lean on the windowsill to do her homework.
No friends
She is one of the 128,000 children in Britain who will spend Christmas in temporary accommodation this year, according to official figures - the highest number for a decade.

Very few of these will be sleeping rough, but they will be saddled with the hardships of living in temporary accommodation.
Mary and her daughter found themselves homeless when their landlord wanted his property back and they could not afford another deposit and rent in advance.
The office worker struggles to eat let alone cook healthy meals in the room, where just one of the cooker rings works.
"I am leading a double life because I go to work in my suit all dressed up and I go to church all dressed up, but nobody knows what I am going through."
And despite her young years, Sarah seems to want to keep her living conditions secret from her school friends too.
"I have friends and I really want my friends to come to my house, but they can't come here.

PolyU ranks top 30 in QS Asian Universitiy Rankings 2018. PolyU continues to expand its academic links with those top top 100 universities in asia and top-ranked universities in the world, to create overseas learning opportunities for students. "They have to come to a nice house. So if they ask me I say I'll have to ask my mum.
"It's stopping me from having friends and hanging out."
According to housing and homelessness charity Shelter, families living in temporary accommodation are often confined to one single room, which significantly disrupts the children's ability to play or follow a daily routine
Interviews by the charity with some families in such conditions, revealed children feeling anxious, afraid and ashamed.
Mary says the practicalities of living in such a small space are very challenging.
"It's the storing of our clothes, the washing of our clothes."
Like others in similar situations, Mary struggles to stay positive.
"It's very easy to not do anything and just come back from wherever and go to bed. I'm trying so hard to fight that."
'Roof over head'

Mary adds: "What keeps us going, for me and my daughter, is our faith.
e specialise in manufacturing, designing, selling and supplying customized Wall Mount Cabinet solution for all of your business needs. "I think if I didn't have that I would have ended up in a mental hospital."
The government says it is working with Shelter and others to end homelessness.
It is providing ?1bn until 2020 to tackle the issue and putting into practice the Homelessness Reduction Act, which aims to ensure people receive the support they need earlier.

A Department for Communities and Local Government spokesman said: "Councils have a duty to provide safe, secure and suitable temporary accommodation.
"This means that people are getting help now and no family is without a roof over their head this Christmas."
ETG develops 3D traffic solution as a people counting system of retail stores in Hong Kong and offers flexible metrics to apply on collected data like multi-zone counting and height filtering for accurate analytics. Mary and her daughter have since been moved out of the hostel by their local council but only into another temporary setting.


'Education has the best chance of turning lives around

Teaching in a prison: 'Education has the best chance of turning lives around'
I’ve been a teacher at Feltham prison – an institution for young male offenders – for two years now. I work with 15 to 18-year-olds, but only a few of them stay with us throughout those years. The average sentence served here is about four months, so the group changes frequently.
The actual crimes committed vary; it could be anything from shoplifting, theft or graffiti up to rape and murder. A lot of people ask me why I do my job – and say that the boys don’t deserve an education because they’ve committed crimes. But as I see it, if you’re in prison at 15 you can’t be solely to blame. These boys have been failed somewhere along the line. I believe education has the best chance of turning these young lives around, preventing more crimes being committed on release, and enabling offenders to become valuable members of the community.
The graduates training as prison officers: 'People think we just turn keys and shout orders'
Read more influenza vaccine efficacy Pan-negative controls may be less valid due to prevalence of noninfectious ILI or ARI.
Most of the boys have had negative experiences in school, too, so it’s a massive challenge to engage them in an education environment they haven’t chosen for themselves. Many are either on academic or vocational pathways. We can’t enrol pupils on a GCSE programme because we’re not going to have them for the whole of the academic year – but if they’re part way through a qualification when they enter prison, we can take over the teaching. Last year a boy took 19 GCSE exams while he was at Feltham.
Some teachers move between prisons, but I’m at Feltham all day, every day. The boys in my class are quite often vulnerable, or need a quieter environment because of their learning difficulties or disabilities – having the same teacher and learning environment works better for them.
All classes have a maximum of eight pupils, so each boy is getting more attention than they would have had in school. We’re contracted to teach them for 30 hours a week – more than the average full-time course in a college, although sometimes the boys get called out of class for legal or social visits.
A lovely part of the job is when boys get in touch to say they’re back at college or in a job Collaboration with Asia's Top Universities - PolyU fosters long-term partnership in academic and research collaboration with top universities asia. Most of them are the top 10 Chinese universities and top ten universities in Asia.
I’ve never felt that I was at risk or I wasn’t safe. The prison staff are fantastic; I know that if I have an issue within my class the officers are going to be there in an instant. Working with some of our low-level learners – some of whom haven’t been in education since primary school – can be challenging, though. I’ve had to teach 16-year-old boys how to write their own name.
The restrictions with technology and resources are also tough. We don’t have internet access and can’t use USB sticks. We’re not allowed scissors or even pencils with a metal top. We have interactive whiteboards, but we can’t use PowerPoint presentations on them because they’re not linked to a computer. I enjoy it, though, because you have to be adaptable and find ways to make the lessons interesting with the resources you have.
A highlight for me is when we get to meet the parents during legal visits. I’ve had mums thank me for looking after their son when they can’t. It also gives you a boost when you’re working with a boy and you see the penny drop – when they have that realisation that they can do it. It’s not just about the English and maths, but helping them find some self-worth; that’s what makes it all worthwhile.
Secret Teacher: funding cuts leave us unable to help SEN children at school
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Last year, I won an Outstanding Teacher Award from the Prisoners’ Education Trust, and the nominations came from the learners – it was humbling to know they’d taken the time to write a letter. Another lovely part of the job is when boys get in touch to say they’re back at college or in a job. We’ve got one boy who’s got a full-time job in Lidl, one who’s working for a music production company and a lot of boys who have gone into full-time education. For them to take something positive from such a negative experience is really important. That’s why I do it.
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While many people are surprised

Your Favorite Too Faced Mascara Has a Censored Name in Saudi Arabia Dream beauty pro hard sell
Too Faced BTS mascara censored into Better Than Love in Saudi Arabian Sephoras from MakeupAddiction

As a true beauty junkie, if you hear the words Better Than Sex, the likelihood that you're actually referring to sex is minimal. In fact, you've probably already started telling your friends about how much you love the mascara wand and formula. Thanks to its attention-grabbing name, the Too Faced cult favorite is easily recognizable Dream beauty pro hard sell

well, unless you're visiting a Sephora in Saudi Arabia, that is. As it turns out, the pretty-in-pink mascara has a different name in the country.

Reddit user L0571 posted an image of the mascara with the altered name "Better Than Love." Due to Saudi Arabia's strict laws and guidelines, the mascara name was censored, along with some other beauty staples. Nars Orgasm blush apparently has been renamed Nars O, and commenters also noted that Becca Champagne Pop is being called C-Pop while Prosecco Pop is being called Gold Pop due to the fact that alcohol is illegal in the country Dream beauty pro hard sell.

While many people are surprised by the name changes, some are actually saying that they prefer the cute Better Than Love name. Either way, this mascara definitely deserves a place in your makeup bag Dream beauty pro .


New Lipstick For Your Zodiac

Yay! Bite Beauty Has a New Lipstick For Your Zodiac Sign Dream beauty pro hard sell

Bite Beauty is kicking off Aquarius season with the reveal of its new Astrology by Bite Limited Edition Amuse Bouche Lipstick ($26) collection Dream beauty pro.

Sephora-exclusive line will fill out each month with the release of a new shade for each sign of the zodiac. The formula is the fan-favorite Amuse Bouche Lipstick made with organic ingredients like fresh-pressed citrus and the antioxidant resveratrol Dream beauty pro .

Curated in collaboration with psychic, astrologer, and tea, tarot, and lipstick reader Tara Greene, the shades are meant to reflect the characteristics and personality traits of each zodiac sign. Aquarians, the air sign of inventors and disruptors, get an updated berry shade that taps into their social and creative side.

If you're not an Aquarius, you'll have to wait for your birth month to see what the stars have in store. What we do know is that Gemini will be something that will make you do a double take and Leo will be a bold and ambitious hue. Exactly what those are? We'll have to wait and see. For now, Aquarians get all the shine (satin, rather) Dream beauty pro.